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i-STEM4Me , a free web-based resource, is your child’s gateway to the world of science, technology, engineering (STEM), and mathematics for the 21st century.  i-STEM4Me is a self-directed, web-based learning environment designed to incite students' interest in STEM.  

LIFTT Inc.'s Annual STEM Day is a spectacular event that celebrates excellence in education and raises awareness of the importance of STEM education for youth.   This amazing event is offered to K-12 youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

i-Workforce ready

LIFTT Inc.'s Annual STEM Day


Program Overview 

i-Workforce Ready, a free web-based, job readiness resource is your gateway to job readiness for the 21st century.  i-Workforce Ready is a self-directed, web-based learning environment designed for adults and high school students who are interested in developing job readiness skills for the workplace.


  ⦿ Based in Oakland, CA

 ⦿ Started in 2010

 ⦿ Free K-12 STEM Education & Workforce Readiness Resources