LIFTT-NSBE Jr. Chapter is a hybrid, STEM education program designed to inspire children and youth to become skilled professionals in STEM fields with a commitment to scholarship, leadership, and community empowerment. Student engagement is promoted through web-based, interactive platforms and face-to-face meetings held throughout the year. 

LIFTT Inc.'s Annual STEM Day is a spectacular event that celebrates excellence in education and raises awareness of the importance of STEM education for youth.   This amazing event is offered to K-12 youth throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

LIFTT Inc.'s Annual STEM Day

LIFTT-Collegiate Internship 

Program Overview 

  ⦿ Based in Oakland, CA

 ⦿ LIFTT-NSBE Jr. Chapter of           the National Society of Black       Engineers (NSBE)

 ⦿ Started in 2010

 ⦿ K-12 STEM Programs 

LIFTT-Collegiate Interns receive a stipend and on-going training in youth development and leadership in exchange for their 1-year commitment to serving as volunteers with the LIFTT-NSBE Jr. Chapter. LIFTT-Collegiate Interns assist with hands-on STEM activities and supervision and serve as chaperons during field trips. 


Leaders Innovators and Forward Thinkers of Tomorrow